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Bacterial Evolution & Classification 

Cell Wall protects the cell and gives shape
Outer Membrane protects the cell against some antibiotics (only present in Gram negative cells)
Cell Membrane regulates movement of materials into and out of the cell; contains enzymes important to cellular respiration
Cytoplasm contains DNA, ribosomes, and organic compounds required to carry out life processes
Chromosome carries genetic information inherited from past generations
Plasmid contains some genes obtain through genetic recombination
Capsule, and slime layer protects the cell and assist in attaching the cell to other surfaces
Endospore protects the cell against harsh environmental conditions, such as heat or drought
Pilus (Pili) assist the cell in attaching to other surfaces, which is important for genetic recombination
Flagellum moves the cell

Kingdom Archaebacteria


Extreme Halophiles

Thermoacidophiles (Thermophiles)

Kingdom Eubacteria (true bacteria)

Gram Stain