Cell Cycle & Division
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Cell Division:

Reasons for Cell Division:

Copying DNA: 

Replication process

Chromosomes & Their Structure:

Diagram of how genes make up a cell

Chromosome Numbers:


Organism Chromosome Number (2n)
Human 46
Fruit fly 8
Lettuce 14
Goldfish 94

Human Male Karyotype


Cell Cycle:


Cell division in Prokaryotes:

Cell Division in Eukaryotes:

Stages of Mitosis:


Summary of Mitosis:




  1. Cell matures & carries on normal activities

  2. DNA copied & appears as chromatin

  3. Nucleolus visible

 Early Prophase  

  1. Chromosomes condense & become visible

  2. Centrioles separate & spindle starts forming

 Late Prophase
  1. Spindle forms with aster at each pole

  2. Nuclear membrane & nucleolus disintegrate