Cell Cycle & Division
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Cell Division:

Reasons for Cell Division:

Copying DNA: 

Replication process

Chromosomes & Their Structure:

Diagram of how genes make up a cell

Chromosome Numbers:


Organism Chromosome Number (2n)
Human 46
Fruit fly 8
Lettuce 14
Goldfish 94

Human Male Karyotype


Cell Cycle:


Cell division in Prokaryotes:

Cell Division in Eukaryotes:

Stages of Mitosis:


Summary of Mitosis:




  1. Cell matures & carries on normal activities

  2. DNA copied & appears as chromatin

  3. Nucleolus visible

 Early Prophase  

  1. Chromosomes condense & become visible

  2. Centrioles separate & spindle starts forming

 Late Prophase
  1. Spindle forms with aster at each pole

  2. Nuclear membrane & nucleolus disintegrate

  3. Centromere of chromosomes attaches to spindle fibers

  1. Chromosomes line up at the equator of the cell attached to kinetochore fibers of spindle

  1. Centromeres split apart

  2. Homologs move to opposite poles of the cell

  1. Nuclear membrane & nucleolus reform

  2. Cell pinches into 2 cells in animals

  3. In plants, a cell plate separates the 2 new cells


Cancer is Uncontrolled Mitosis:

Meiosis & Sexual Reproduction





Meiosis I:


Asexual & Sexual reproduction: