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All Materials Cmassengale

 Introduction to Biology Chromosomes  Introduction to Animals
 Safety & Equipment Evolution  Sponges & Cnidarians
Chemistry Taxonomy  Flatworms & Roundworms
Biochemistry Bacteria  Mollusks & Annelids
Cells Viruses  Arthropods & Insects
Homeostasis & Transport  Protists  Echinoderms & Chordates
Photosynthesis  Fungi  Fish
Cellular Respiration   Introduction to Plants  Amphibians
Cell Reproduction
 Complex Plant Structure  Reptiles
Nucleic acids  Plant Reproduction  Birds
Protein Synthesis  What's Ecology?  Mammals
Biotechnology  Ecosystems  INVERTEBRATE UNIT
Mendel's Genetics  Human Impact on the Environment  VERTEBRATE UNIT