Charles Robert Darwin

Darwin and Evolution

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History of Evolution:

Giraffe neck extension

   Darwin's Background & Voyage:

Map showing Darwin's voyage on the Beagle

The Galapagos Islands:


Darwin's Theory of Evolution:

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On the Origin of Species by Darwin:

Fossil Evidence:

AGE of Notes
Cenozoic Quaternary Holocene 0-2 Mammals Humans
Pleistocene  Other Mammal Species
Tertiary Pliocene 2-5
Miocene 5-24
Oligocene 24-37
Eocene 37-58
Paleocene 58-66 Extinction of dinosaurs
Mesozoic Cretaceous 66-144 Reptiles Flowering plants
Jurassic 144-208 1st birds & mammals
Triassic 208-245 First Dinosaurs
Paleozoic Permian 245-286 Amphibians End of trilobites
Carboniferous Pennsylvanian 286-320 First reptiles
Mississippian 320-360 Large primitive trees
Devonian 360-408 Fishes First amphibians
Silurian 408-438 First land plant fossils
Ordovician 438-505 Invertebrates First Fish
Cambrian 505-570 1st shells, trilobites dominant
Precambrian 570-2,500 1st Multi-celled organisms
2,500-3,800 1st one-celled organisms


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Biogeographical Evidence: