Ecology Study Guide

List several biotic factors in an ecosystem.
List several abiotic factors in an ecosystem.
What serves as the ultimate energy for all life on earth?
What is transpiration & what cycle is it a part of ?
Why are the Rhizobium bacteria beneficial to plants?
What is nitrogen fixation?
What is denitrification?
Where is the intertidal zone found & list several organisms that would be found there?
Name 3 types of consumers based on their eating habits.
What is detritus & why is it important?
What are trophic levels & give an example?
What is the term for an organism's total way of life?
How does an animal's habitat differ from its niche?
Compare & contrast biomes.
Describe estuaries.
How does an oligotrophic lake differ from a eutrophic lake?
What is brackish water & where would it be found?
Where is the neritic zone found & what organisms would be found there?
Where would benthos organisms be found? Give an example of such a dweller.

Describe abiotic & biotic factors for each of these biomes:

Tropical rain forest
Deciduous forest
Intertidal Zone
Neritic Zone
Oceanic Zone
Oligotrophic River
Eutrophic River