Invertebrate Projects

Choose and complete one of the following ideas for a project to do on invertebrates:

  1. Choose any 10 invertebrates and do black ink drawings on these organisms on separate sheets of unlined paper.

  2. Construct a scrapbook containing 20 colored pictures ( not from the internet) of various invertebrates. Attach each picture to a separate sheet of paper and include the phylum & common name for each.

  3. Build a 3-dimensional model of any invertebrate.

  4. Create your own arthropod!  Make up a name, description, taxonomy, etc. for your organism. Your arthropod must include the basic characteristics of all arthropods. A drawing of your "arthropod" must be included along with your written description.

  5. Using materials that you can recycle, such as aluminum pop cans, cardboard tubes, styrofoam trays, etc., choose an insect and construct it. Include the common name & order with your insect.

  6. Construct a crossword puzzle (not a word search puzzle) with at least 40 different invertebrates or invertebrate terms. You must include an un-worked puzzle and a key with your crossword.

  7. Choose two social insects and a 3-4 page handwritten (2 pages typed, double spaced) paper comparing and contrasting their caste systems and social behavior.


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