Seed Plant Structure & Function
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Seed Plant Overview:


Root Tip with Meristems

Specialized Plant Cells:

Parenchyma Cells

Collenchyma cells

Sclerenchyma Cells

Sclerenchyma Fibers

Other Plant Tissues & Systems:

Dermal Tissue:

Epidermis Of a Leaf

Ground Tissue:

Spongy Mesophyll of Leaf

Vascular Tissue:

Xylem Cells

Phloem Cells

Root System:

Root & Shoot System of a Plant


Fibrous Roots 

Adventitious Roots

Aerial Roots of an Orchid

Structure of the Root:

Root Structure

Root Hairs


Root Functions:

Stem Structure & Function:

Translocation of Sugars:

Transport of Water:

Leaf Structure & Function:

MONOCOT (left)        DICOT (right)