2. habitat where most reptiles live
4. upper shell of a turtle
7. extinct reptiles of the Mesozoic era
11. membrane that stores wastes in an egg
13. tiny air sacs in the lungs for gas exchange
16. type of circulation in reptiles
18. number of heart chambers in crocodiles & alligators
20. order containing lizards & snakes
23. snake that injects poison
24. reptiles that give live bird
25. snakes or vipers with heat sensitive areas on their head
28. organisms like reptiles whose body temperature is controlled
 by the environment
1. order containing alligators
3. "white" of an egg containing water 7 protein
5. order containing tuataras
6. organs of respiration in reptiles
8. lower shell of a turtle
9. food inside an egg
10. reptiles who retain their shelled eggs inside their bodies
 until they hatch
12. snakes that kill prey by squeezing them to death
14. protein making the skin of reptiles watertight
15. cover the body of reptiles
17. egg laying reptile
19. membrane surrounding the cushioning fluid in an egg
20. wall of tissue in snakes & turtles partially dividing the
 lower heart chamber
21. type of shelled egg in reptiles
22. sense organ in the roof of reptile's mouth
26. order for turtles
27. blood being returned to the heart