Puzzle Solution – Fish


Fish Puzzle
Answer Key:
1)vertebrae small bones making up the backbone
2)cranium bony protection covering the brain
3)agnatha class containing hagfish & lampreys
4)chondrichthyes class containing sharks & rays
5)osteichthyes class of bony fish
6)arches bony supports for the gills
7)lateral line system that detects vibrations in the water
8)hagfish jawless marine fish that feed on dead fish
9)lamprey jawless and sometimes parasitic fish
10)external fertilization in jawless fish
11)cartilage flexible protein material in the skeleton of sharks
12)placoid toothlike scales on sharks
13)pectoral fins on sharks that appear like wings of an airplane
14)olfactory responsible for the shark’s acute sense of smell
15)ray flattened bat like fish with a skeleton of cartilage
16)slits openings into the gills on cartilagenous fish
17)claspers modified pelvic fins of male sharks used to transfer sperm
18)perch example of a ray finned fish
19)operculum bony covering over the gills of bony fish
20)caudal tail fin
21)liver organ that secretes bile to digest fats
22)arteries carry blood away from the heart
23)veins return blood to the heart
24)atrium heart chamber that receives blood bck form the heart
25)ventricle pumping chamber of the heart
26)countercurrent movement of blod across a fish’s gills for maximum absorption of oxygen
27)buoyancy property that the swim bladder gives to a fish
28)cerebrum forebrain
29)cerebellum hindbrain
30)spawing reproductive behavior where fish build nests and lay their eggs


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