PreAP Requirements

    Pre-AP Biology is an accelerated laboratory/lecture course for the highly motivated and academically talented science student. The skills and concepts the students will learn are ones that are necessary to be successful in Advanced Placement Biology.  Pre-AP Biology students should have above average ability in both science and mathematics and should  have strong reading comprehension skills. The course will require more out of class assignments and a more rigorous in class schedule of work.  Students will be ultimately responsible for their learning; therefore, they should be organized, prepared, and motivated to learn every day.

    Approximately 80 % of the student’s grade in AP Biology will come from tests & two major collections.  The remaining percentage of the grade will consist of homework and labs. There will be no extra credit work or bonus points given to raise the Pre-AP grade.

    The course of study will include the following topics — a brief review of chemistry, biochemistry, cellular biology, bioenergetics, heredity and  molecular genetics, evolution, structure & diversity of organisms, behavior, and ecology .  Scientific writing and problem solving are integrated into the course work.

If you are unorganized, unprepared, unmotivated, and not willing to work both in and outside of class, then Pre-AP Biology is not the course for you!!!

If you have good organizational skills, above average intelligence, are a good reader, and are highly motivated to learn, then welcome to an exciting and fun year in Pre-AP Biology!!!!


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