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Can You Catch More Fish With Fluorescent Lures?
Teacher Information
Creating Digital Lab Reports
Foldable Patterns Order a Teacher copy of Glencoe’s Biology 2009 for Great Foldable Ideas!
Enzyme Foldable  Macromolecule Foldable
Tonicity of Cells & Solutions Foldable Biological Levels of Organization
Photosynthesis/Respiration Foldable Cell Organelles  Mini Book    
Properties of Water Booklet Mitosis Foldable
Scientific Method & Problem Solving
Scientific Method & Genetics  
Scientific Method & Blood Flow Identifying Controls & Variables with Homer
Sponge Bob & the Scientific Method Scientific Method Web Quest
Vitruvian Man
          Printable Metric Meter Stick
Printable Tape Measure
Problem Solving – Construct 5 Squares 
Graphing Growth Rates Lab
Nature of Science
The Science of Popcorn
Popcorn ppt

Science of Popcorn (REVISED)
Growing Gators  
Dirty Diapers Only you Can Help Save Sam!
Biology Career Brochure Nutritional Analysis Day Trip
Lab Safety & Metrics
Get the Picture!! (Lab Safety) Sponge Bob Gang in the Lab
Volume of an Irregularly-Shaped Object
Write Up
Metric Measurement Lab
Write Up
Taking & Converting Lab Measurements!   Lab Safety Board Game
Introduction to Biology
Characteristics of Life Concept Map Sewer Lice
Is Yeast Alive?
Teacher’s notes
Is Sammy Alive?
Introduction to Microscopes (1st Year) Microscopes 
Natural pH Acid-Base Indicators Identifying Unknowns with Cabbage Indicator Paper 
Endothermic & Exothermic Reactions Constructing Monomers 
Iron in Breakfast Cereal (Demo) Does Cereal Contain Iron? (Hands-on)
Chemical Bag of Tricks Photosynthetic Production of Starch
Biochemistry (Includes Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration)

Nucleotide Models

Organic Model

Toothpickase revised Food Chemistry
Sucrose Hydrolysis by Sucrase Energy in Food
Write up
Revised Energy in Food Lab
Enzyme Amylase & Starch
Write Up
Catalase Reaction Rate
Environmental pH pH in Living Systems
Write Up
Properties of Water
Write Up
Monomer Construction
How Good Is Your Detergent? CO2 Use in Elodea
Write Up
Making Root beer
Simple Leaf Chromatography Every Breathe You Take!
Modeling Photosynthesis & Respiration Molecules Yeast Fermentation
Cells & Viruses
Cell Size & Volume (paper cubes)

Eukaryotic Cell Model
Prokaryotic Cell Model

Osmosis & Diffusion in an Egg Potato Osmosis
Write Up
Mitosis (Microscope)

Virus Model

Cell Drawings Cell Analogy
Meiosis Flip Book   Mitosis Flip Book
Mitosis Flip Book
Flipbook Cell Templates
Homeostasis of the Eye Ideal Cell Size (potato cubes)
Gummi Bear Osmosis Limits to Cell Size (Agar-Indicator Cubes)
Patient Zero – HIV Transmission  Osmosis, Fermentation, & Kimchee 
Write Up
Modeling The Phases of Mitosis 
Nucleic Acids
DNA Model Codon Bingo!
Codon Bingo Revised
Extracting DNA from Cells Building Hemoglobin DNA  
Who Ate the Cheese?!? DNA’s Code for Insulin
Strawberry DNA
Write Up
Strawberry DNA (MSWORD)
Modeling DNA Replication
Building DNA -Hemoglobin Gene   Types of Mutations 
DNA Template
Mutation Sequence Table
Molecular Scientist Brochure Instructions

Tri-fold Brochure Template (PreAP)          Bi-fold Template (BI)

Codon Bingo with Amino Acid Cards

Bingo Cards #1       Bingo Cards #2

DNA Modeling & Protein Synthesis (Prentice Hall)   DNA Model 
Human Hand Adaptations Inherited Traits
Constructing a Pedigree Chart Karyotyping
Sample Karyotypes
Write Up
ReeBop Genetics Monstrous Mutations 
Dragon Genetics1
Dragon Genetics2

Genetics with A Smile   
Computer Directions

Oompah Loompah Genetics Crossing-Over Lab 
Write Up      
Murder Mystery At Termond Estate Karyotypes (Prentice Hall) 
Making and Reading Karyotypes  Online Karyotype Lab
Natural Selection
Natural Selection in Peanuts
Write Up
Monohybrid Crosses in Corn
Survival of the Fittest Loss of BioDiversity
Pterosaur Reconstruction Where the Hippos Roam
Where the Hippos roam pdf.
Natural Selection in Teddy Grahams
Dichotomous Keying Alien Taxonomy
Alien Invasion
Simple Alien Invasion Key
Keying Salamanders  
Simple Salamander Key
Keying Sharks Keying Creatures
Simple Organisms Key Fish Key
Leaf Key Insect key
Making a Cladogram 
Arthropods & Insects
Insect Collection Build a Bug
Insect Dichotomous Key
Wildflower Collection Leaf Collection
Water in a Carrot Seed Germination
Chlorophyll Fluorescence Water Movement in Plant Stems
Chromatography of Plant Pigments Counting Leaf Stomata
Chromatography of Inks
Write Up
Every Breath You Take! 
CO2 & Germinating Seeds Seed Identification & Dissection 
  Invertebrate Project Vertebrate Project
Bullfrog Reconstruction Planarian Regeneration
It’s For the Birds!Isopods in Training
Owl Pellet Lab    
Bone Chart       
Reflexes and Reaction Rates
Bacteria, Protists, and Fungi
Bacterial Habitats Caught Red-Handed
Recreating Pasteur’s Experiment Dissect a Mushroom
Yeast Respiration  Wine Making – Yeast Fermentation
Write Up      
Random sampling
Random Sampling Lab 
How Many Raccoons Can Live in This Woods?
Biome Brochure  Population Ecology Lab – Mark & Re-capture
Food Web Lab  DNA Bracelets
Biome Travel Brochure Terrestrial Biome Puzzle
Just For Fun Activities!
Making a Polymer  Celtic Spoon 
Pre AP Biology Page Biology I Page