unit 11 ecology ap study guide

Unit 11    Ecology Study Guide

  • Be able to describe the main characteristics &  major organisms in each terrestrial biomes
  • Know & be able to explain the different zones found in marine habitats
  • Be able to compare all freshwater communities
  • Know the difference in Batesian & Mullerian mimicry & examples of each type of mimicry
  • Be able to explain differences between innate & learned behaviors
  • Be able to give examples of density-dependent & density-independent factors affecting population growth
  • Know how water, carbon, phosphorus, & nitrogen are each recycled in nature
  • Know differences & similarities among parasitism, commensalism, & mutualism & examples of each
  • Be able to explain biodiversity hot spots
  • Be able to discuss agricultures effect on nitrogen recycling
  • Be able to discuss major threats to biodiversity
  • Know the effects deforestation is having on nutrient recycling
  • Know the effects of eutrophication on freshwater ecosystems