Amphibian Study Guide BI

Amphibian Study Guide

Describe what happens to a tadpole during its metamorphosis.
Explain why amphibians must return to the water to reproduce.
What characteristics of the frog’s skeleton make it adapted for jumping.
What is a series of body changes during an amphibian’s life cycle called?
Does a frog’s heart pump oxygenated or deoxygenated blood? Explain.
Are adult frogs omnivores, herbivores, or carnivores? tadpoles?
Tell some unusual ways some frogs undergo their metamorphosis.
Where  must frogs lay their eggs?
Give the order for amphibians without tails.
Where do toads lay their eggs?
What does the word “amphibian” mean?
What is the earliest known amphibian fossil?
Where does fertilization take place in most amphibians?
Describe the skin of amphibians. How does this compare to reptiles?
Describe caecilians.
What is the purpose of the cloaca in amphibians?
Amphibians with slender bodies and no limbs are _____________.
Why do amphibians need thin, moist skin?
Name the 2 ways gases are exchanged in amphibian adults.
Give the order for newts & salamanders.