Bacteria & Virus Study Guide B1



Bacteria & Virus Study Guide

What color do Gram + bacteria stain?   Gram-?

How do bacterial cells differ from other types of cells?

How are chickenpox & shingles alike?

Why do people get the flu more than once?

What scientist discovered that viruses aren’t cellular?

Name several things used to classify viruses.

What are the 3 shapes for bacteria & give the name for each shape?

Can bacteria survive without oxygen? with oxygen?

How does the size of bacterial cells compare to the size of eukaryotic cells?

If a virus enters the Lysogenic cycle, can it change to the lytic cycle? Explain.

What 2 things make up a virus?

Why don’t antibiotics kill some bacteria?

What is necessary for a virus to reproduce?

Are viruses cellular?

Which bacteria are least responsive to antibiotics — Gram+ or Gram-?

What are prions?

What is a capsid?

How does forming an endospore help bacteria?

Describe the DNA of a bacterium.

What are pili?

What whiplike projections do some bacteria for movement use?

What occurs during conjugation?

What are retroviruses & what enzyme do they contain?

What is a viroid?

A protein coat & a nucleic acid core make up what typical structure?

In what cycle(s) does viral DNA get injected into host cells?

Is the Ebola virus linked to cancer?

Where would you find RNA in retroviruses?


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