Best Ways to Write a Biology Research Paper for Freshmen

Writing a good biology research paper and completing it on time is not an easy task. All the activities that you’ll have to do to write a good paper demand a lot of time and energy. Most college students would want to write a great paper. However, some don’t know where to start while others don’t have good writing skills. All problems that college students face when writing an academic paper can be solved by understanding the writing process and following a proven strategy.

Planning and reflecting before writing your paper can greatly improve the quality of your work and save you a lot of time in the process. If your tutor has requested you to write a biology research paper, and you don’t know where to start, this article will be ideal for you.

Defining a biology research paper

All scientific research papers on Samplius include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geography. And they have a similar structure because they are based on scientific thesis and evidence. Reading essay examples will help you understand the structure of your paper and what your tutor expects from you. When it comes to Biology, two methods affect the type of paper that you work on namely:


Here are some of the common aspects of a universal-type paper:

Modeling – This is where a scientist is presented with a particular perspective of an object and they are required to gather information or evidence on it.

Observation – This is where scientists conduct research through observation and measurement of objects. Information is verified through observation and repetition several times. This process develops conclusions.

Experiment – This method answers a scientific question by conducting experiments that provide observed and numerical results.

Individual methods of science

Here are some of the common terms used in individual science methods papers:

Historic – This method is finalized by establishing a correlation between facts that continue becoming a reality for the specified period.

Genealogical – The study of people or animal genes through their characteristics and ancestral path.

Structure of a Biology Paper

Whenever your professor requires you to write a biology essay, you need to showcase your knowledge of a particular topic. Completing this project requires knowledge, time, and sharp research skills.

You’ll have to visit the scientific library and use electronic sources when working on your paper. While it’s easier and more convenient to use electronic sources during your research, you should keep in mind that there is a tendency of commercializing learning materials on the web. You’ll need books to obtain relevant and accurate information. And you can only access them after paying money. You also need to avoid copying passages directly from the books you use. Otherwise, it will lead to plagiarism. As you work on your paper, you need to adhere to this structure:


In this section, you need to give your work description using simple sentences that summarize key points. In most cases, summarized material is usually neutral. And there are two types of summarizations namely reference and advisory.

Reference contains key information about the writer and genre of work. On the other hand, advisory material describes the work contained in the entire paper. You can advertise your work in this section to grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. However, you should avoid exaggerating the benefits of your work. There are standard phrases that you should use when writing your abstract. Since this section is usually short, you only have around 1000 characters at your disposal.


This is a key element of the project. And it showcases the importance of your research process, subject of study, objectives, scientific hypotheses, literature, and analysis of sources. This is the foundation of your work and sets the tone of the paper. It’s usually one to two pages long. In every research paper, the intro has a similar structure. Before writing your intro, you’ll need to communicate with your supervisor on the methodology recommendations. By understanding your tutor’s guidelines, you’ll have an easy time introducing your work to readers.


The Results section has to be organized logically and written well for you to get good grades. It should present data that you’ve collected during research as logically, objectively, and concisely as you can. Highlighting key results and organizing them into different sections is a great way to show that you have covered every important piece of information. You should also use visual elements correctly to keep your readers interested.


There is no fixed way to write the Discussion section. However, here are some of the steps that you can follow to write a good one:

Provide a summary of your theme– A well-written Discussion section focuses on the findings to their effects. And they can be linked to the background information provided in the course intro to maximize the effects of the article. You need to start by providing key information that is known about the topic. And then reformulate the research problem briefly to link this section to the Intro.

Interpret results – You need to discuss the meaning of your key results as clearly as you can since not all readers will understand the topic clearly. You need to discuss patterns and how they are summarized together. You don’t have to impose an interpretation on your readers.

Discuss the importance of your research – Your readers are supposed to know why your study is important. How has it helped them to understand the subject? As a campus student, you need to write your academic research and describe how it contributes to the knowledge that people can access.


Writing a biology research paper in college is not easy. However, it’s not an impossible task. You need to come up with a plan, collect information, think creatively, analyze findings and come up with conclusions. By following the tips that we’ve discussed in this article, you’ll not only complete your paper on time but also get good grades. If you are having a hard time understanding the education guidelines or writing your paper, you need to seek help from the experts as soon as possible.

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