Biochemistry Study Guide BI


Biochemistry Study Guide
A molecule that has a partial negative charge on one side and a partial positive charge on the other would be what type of molecule?
Give several reasons why water is so important to life.
Does a molecule of water have a charge? Explain.
Explain why water is a polar molecule.
What element do all organic compounds contain?
Name the 3 elements most often found in organic compounds.
What organic molecules are considered to be carbohydrates?
Animals store glucose in their liver in what form?
What type of macromolecule would polysaccharides be?
Amino acids are the monomers for what polymers??
Proteins are made of long chains of what molecules?
Sketch a fatty acid.
Sketch a molecule of glucose.
Give several examples of lipids.
Long carbon-hydrogen chains linked by double covalent bonds make up what type of fats?
Name the 4 main types of macromolecules found in living thins.
What are the monomers of nucleic acids called?
Name 2 nucleic acids.
Explain why water’s polarity makes it useful for living things.
If an atom has four outermost electrons, how many covalent bonds can it form?
What type of molecule has a carboxyl “head” and makes up cell membranes?