Biology Second Semester

Biology I Second Semester

Updated May 2007

Week of January 8 assignments:
Read & outline chapter 10 on Nucleic Acids; PowerPoint: Nucleic Acids & protein Synthesis; chapter 10 outline due

Week of January 14 assignments:

Chapter 10 study guide; Lab: Strawberry DNA; Chapter 10 TEST on Nucleic Acids; Read & outline chapters 8 & 12 on genetics

Week of January 21 assignments: 

PowerPoint on genetics; Monohybrid crosses & ratios; Chapter 8 outline due

I have a Dream!  Martin Luther King Holiday

Week of January 28 assignments:
Lab: Karyotyping; Work genetics problems; Notes on genetic disorders; genetics review; TEST on chapters * & 12 genetics; Read chapters 13 & 14 on evolution

Week of February 3 assignments:
Cover section 14.1 and chapter 15 on Charles Darwin & natural selection; Lab: Natural Selection in Peanuts

Week of February 11 assignments:  Interims
study guide on evolution; TEST on chapters13 & 14 Evolution; Read & outline chapter 18 on Taxonomy; PowerPoint notes on taxonomy; Peanut lab write up due

Week of February 18 assignments:
Practice taxonomic keying; Complete taxonomy notes; Chapter 18 TEST on Taxonomy; Read & outline chapters 24 & 25 on bacteria & viruses

Monday Holiday — President’s Day!

Parent-Teacher Conference!

Week of February 25 assignments:
Notes on Sponges & Cnidarians; Assign Invertebrate drawings; study guide & take online quiz; Continue Koch’s lab

Week of March 3 assignments: 

Complete Virus notes; Virus model due; Chapter 25 outline due; TEST on Bacteria & Viruses; Handout & worksheet on plant unit

Week of March 10 assignments: 

Cover nonvascular plants, angiosperms, & gymnosperms

End of Third Nine weeks

   Biology I

Spring Break March 17 – 21!

Week of March 24 assignments:

Plant worksheet due; review for plant test; *UNIT TEST on Plants; Assign ecosystem collage; Start answering ecology unit worksheet



Week of March 31 assignments:

Work on and finish ecology unit worksheet; review for ecology test; TEST on Ecology; Read & outline chapter 35 on Sponges & Cnidarians

Good Friday, April 4th!


Week of April 7 assignments:    

Ecosystem Collage due!; Notes on Sponges & Cnidarians; study guide; Test on Chapter 35 Sponges & Cnidarians; read & outline chapter 36 on Round & Flat worms

Week of April 14 assignments:  Interims
Notes on worms; Chapter 36 outline due; read & outline chapter 37 on Mollusks & Annelids; notes on mollusks & annelids

Biology End-of-Course Exam on Wednesday April 16th and Thursday April 17th!

Week of April 21 assignments:
study guide & take online echinoderm test; Lab: Starfish Dissection; read & outline chapters 41 &42 on fish & amphibians; notes on fish; Scientist/Career Report due!

Week of April 28 assignments: 

Dissect earthworm; *TEST on chapters 36 & 37 Worms & Mollusks; Read & outline chapters 38 & 39 on Arthropods & Insects; Start notes on arthropods

Week of May 5 assignments:
Notes on Insects; review for arthropod test; TEST on chapters 38 & 39 Insects & other Arthropods; read & outline Chapter 40 on Echinoderms

Click frog for jokes

Week of May 12 assignments:
Notes on Echinoderms; Dissect starfish; TEST on Chapter 40 Echinoderms; Read & outline chapters 41 & 42 on fish & amphibians; Assign vertebrate/invertebrate project

Week of May 19 assignments:   Graduation May 23!
Notes on reptiles, birds, and mammals; Read chapters 44 & 45 on birds  mammals; UNIT TEST on Vertebrates; Vertebrate/Invertebrate Project due!; semester Test review

Final Exams  Start  Next Week-   Don’t Forget to study!!!

Week of May 26 assignments:  

Semester Exams Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday; Textbooks due!

Final Exams  Start  –   Don’t Forget to study!!!

End of Fourth Nine weeks

    Biology I

Enjoy your summer!