Cell Drawings HRWch4

Cell Drawings

Holt, Rinehart, Winston    Modern Biology

Draw on separate sheets of unlined paper, label drawing & each part, color, and tell the function of EACH LABELED PART (FUNCTION MUST BE WRITTEN NEXT TO THE LABEL) for the following cell drawings:

Page 72    Figure 4.4         Cell Shapes

Page 74    Figure 4.6         Animal Cell

Page 75    Figure 4.7         Bacterial cell (Prokaryote)

Page 76    Figure 4.9         Cell Organization

Page 77    Figure 4.10       Phospholipid

Page 78    Figure 4.11        Cell Membrane

Page 79    Figure 4.12        Nucleus & Nucleolus

Page 80    Figure 4.13        Mitochondria

Page 80    Figure 4.14        Ribosome

Page 81    Figure 4.15        Endoplasmic Reticulum

Page 82    Figure 4.16        Golgi

Page 84    Figure 4.18        Cytoskeleton

Page 85    Figure 4.19        Microtubule

Page 87    Figure 4.21        Plant Cell

Page 89    Figure 4.23        Chloroplast

When all drawings are complete — drawn, colored, labeled, and all functions written — then make a cover sheet with your name and a title and staple this to the top of your drawings. Number the pages in the lower right hand corner.