Cell Study Guide Ch4 BI

Cell Study Guide

What type of cells did Hooke view when he discovered cells?
What are the smallest units of life called?
Which increases faster, the surface area or the volume of a cell?
What limits how large a cell can grow?
What do you call organisms that do not have a nucleus?
Give an example of a prokaryote.
Name several eukaryotic cells.
What type of cells have membrane-bound organelles?
Prokaryotes have a cell membrane and a ___________ around the outside.
What are cell membranes?
Give 2-3 functions of the cell membrane.
The cell membrane is selectively permeable. What does this mean?
If a cell is very active and needs more energy, what type of organelle will it need more of?
What organelle makes a cell’s ATP?
Proteins are made by what organelle?
What organelle is the packaging & export center of the cell?
What double membrane surrounds the nucleus?
Name the 3 main parts to all eukaryotic cells.
What canals connect the nuclear membrane with the cell membrane for the movement of materials?
In what organelle are chromosomes found?
Name 2 structures found in plant cells but not in animal cells.
Where does photosynthesis occur in a cell?
 In what organelles is the green pigment chlorophyll found?
  What is the purpose of large vacuoles in plant cells?
List the levels of organization in order from simplest to most complex starting with the cell.