Chromatography of Pigments Write Up

Chromatography of Pigments Write Up


  • Explain paper chromatography
  • Describe the Greek origins of the word chromatography
  • Explain how paper chromatography is used
  • Explain how chromatography separates liquids into their individual components
  • Explain the purpose of the paper
  • Explain what is used as the developer
  • Explain how the separation process actually takes place
  • Explain the movement of the different components up the paper
  • Tell what a chromatogram is
  • What is the Rf value and give the formula for obtaining this value
  • How do scientists use Rf values


  • Write a statement explaining the lab objective of using paper chromatography to separate pigments


  • In sentence form, write a statement listing the materials required for this lab.


  • In paragraph form, write the procedures for completing this lab


  • Include your chromatography strip. 
  • Complete Data Table 1
  • Write out and answer the questions on the lab. Remember to write and underline the question, but do NOT underline the answer

Conclusion (Write in paragraph form):

  • Restate your hypothesis
  • Tell the distance traveled by the solvent and by each color
  • Compare the Rf value for each color and explain any similarities and differences
  • Explain why some colors moved further than others
  • Explain any errors you might have made in lab that could have affected your results