Class Rules


1. Be in assigned seat ready to work before the tardy bell rings.

2.Bring textbook, paper, pencil, and assignments every day.

3. Keep feet and other objects out of the walkway.

4. Do not bring book bags to class.

5. No form of disruptive behavior will be tolerated.

6. Don’t ask questions until roll is checked.

7. Work only on biology in class & don’t close up early.

8. I will dismiss you (not the bell); leave rows straight & your area clean.

9. N0 gum, food, drinks, or candy may be brought into class.

10. Don’t reach across my desk or use my materials without permission.

11. Badges must be worn around the neck or clipped, face side up, on the outside of the clothes on the upper chest at all times.


1. Assignments must be complete to receive credit.

2. Assignments must be written in pencil unless specified otherwise by the teacher.

3. Name, date, and period must be written in the upper right corner and chapter & assignment must be written on the top line to the left.

4. All assignments must be turned in before leaving school for appointments, field trips, etc in order to receive credit.

5. You  are responsible for your make up work so check the board each day and turn in assignments & schedule missed tests the day you return to school.

6. All missed labs and tests will be made up after school.


1. Clean & erase everything from your desk before testing.

2. Don’t talk until every paper is turned in or you will receive a zero.

3. Only two people at a time should be up turning in their tests.

4. Place tests name side up in the test basket.

5. Use pencils only to take tests  or receive a zero.

6. No credit is given for misspelled words.

7. A grade of zero will be given for cheating.