Cornell Notes



Connections ColumnNotes Column
In this column, write one of the following:

  • Heading or Subheadings
  • Questions from reading
  • Vocabulary
In this column, write the following:
  • Topic of each paragraph
  • Main idea of each paragraph(s)
  • Bold, underlined, or italicized words & their meaning
  • Answers to questions
  • Supporting ideas & information
  • Examples
In this column also, use these hints to faster note taking:
  • Abbreviate familiar words
  • Use symbols when possible (+, =, )
  • Take notes in bullets!
  • Cut unnecessary words
Summary: Summarize what you read/lecture; write the 5 most important points of the section/lecture; &/or write questions you still have to answer.

Click here for blank note sheet

Click here for sample lecture note sheet