Darwin Day PreAP 2003


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Charles Darwin’s Life and Studies

Charles Robert Darwin was his name.
The evolution theory was his claim to fame.
He studied theology and received his bachelor’s degree,
from a highly noted school, Cambridge University.

Darwin was a naturalist on a British expedition.
To study plants and animals was his mission.
The H.M.S Beagle sailed far and near.
Darwin found new animals in places rare.

Darwin had a large collection of fossils
He knew that his finds were colossal.
The fossils connected life old and new.
And from this his theory grew.

After studying his organism collection.
He developed the theory, natural selection.
Survival of the fittest was another name,
for the natural selection game.

The people of his time were shocked by his theory.
Of humans from monkeys, they were wary.
Darwin’s theories impacted religious thought.
And changed the science that was taught. 

Darwin lived until 1882,
but his work is still studied by me and you.


The Man Behind Evolution 

An English Naturalist named Charles Darwin made many contributions
For he was best known for his statement on the theory of evolution.
In his revolutionary book, “The Origin of Species by Natural Selection,”
Darwin stated the facts he knew about evolution and with that he started a collection.
He presented the vast array of facts based on the development of animals and plants,
He studied from flowers, trees, and shrubs all the way to finches and ants.
In a 2nd book “The Descent of Man”,
Darwin applied his theory to the human race and he knew he had discovered a plan.
Darwin was born in the town of Shrewsbury and at the University of Edinburgh and Cambridge is where he began to learn,
His father wanted him to be a clergyman, but without his interest at cause, his fame he would not have earned.
After graduation he began an expedition on the H.M.S. Beagle where he set sail,
He explored for five years of different animals and plants that he would soon prevail.
Back to England to study the theory of evolution he came,
Darwin received credit for the development of the theory and to this is how he earned his well-known name.
While in South America in April 19, 1882, a disease called charges soon infected him,
But his theory of evolution and his facts worldwide and truly just began.

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