Double Helix Paper

Race for the Double Helix

Write a 2 page synopsis of the movie, Double Helix, using the following outline for your summary. Your grade will be based on the amount of specific facts you include from the movie.  


  • How did Watson meet Crick
  • Where did Watson and Crick work
  • Where did Franklin work
  • The “race”
  • The “prize”

“One of the Believers”

  • Who were the believers
  • What did they believe in
  • How was Watson’s sister to help
  • Why was Linus Pauling a threat

“Buried treasure”

  • Why was Wilkins helpful
  • Why wasn’t Franklin helpful
  • Who was Franklin ’s assistant
  • What types of DNA did Franklin find
  • What type did she spend most of her research time on and why?
  • Tell about the 1st model Watson and Crick built and what was the problem

“She Hasn’t Seen It”

  • What did Franklin miss
  • Why didn’t Wilkins go ahead and build the model
  • Watson & Crick had to get permission from the head of the Cavendish Institute for what to be done
  • Who determined how the bases fit together and how did they do this?
  • Where did they end up putting the phosphates
  • How were Watson & Crick able to finally build the DNA model
  • What was Wilkins part?


  • Who got credit for finding the structure of DNA
  • What was Rosalind Franklin’s response when she saw the model that Watson & Crick built