Energy in Food Writeup

Energy in Food Write Up


Use your lab and your textbook to locate and include the following information in your introduction.

  • What organisms are capable of making their own food?
  • What process do they use to do this?
  • Where do these organisms get their energy for food-making?
  • This energy is captured with the help of what pigment?
  • This energy is stored in what organic molecules?
  • Where exactly in the organic molecules is the energy stored and so it can be used again later? (Hint: Energized electrons form these and then energy is released again when they are broken.)
  • What process takes place in plants & animals to release energy?
  • What gas is required for the process to occur?
  • When foods are “burned” in our bodies, where is the energy being released from? Where did this energy originally come from?
  • What is the usable form of energy for our cells?
  • Define calorimetry and explain how it can be used to measure energy stored in chemical bonds of food.


  • Write a statement explaining that calorimetry can be used to detect the amount of energy stored in the chemical bonds of foods.


In sentence form, write a statement listing the materials required for this lab.


  • In paragraph form, write the procedures for completing this lab.


  • Draw and fill in table 1 showing the results of burning
  • Draw and fill in table 2 showing your data analysis for nut calorimetry
  • Write out and answer the questions on the lab. Remember to write and underline the question, but do NOT underline the answer.

Conclusion: (Write in paragraph form.)

  • Restate your hypothesis.
  • Tell how were you able to measure the amount of energy in each nut
  • Did all three nuts contain the same amount of food energy? Explain by giving data from your experiment..
  • Explain why some foods contained more energy than others
  • Tell where this energy originally come from and how it got into the nuts
  • Explain any errors you might have made in lab that could have affected your results