Evolution Study Guide BI

Evolution Study Guide

What idea was used to explain the appearance of maggots on rotting meat?
Explain how Redi tested the hypothesis of spontaneous generation.
What did Pasteur do in his experiments on spontaneous generation that other scientists before him had not done?
What is the estimated age of the earth?
If the half-life of a radioactive isotope is 4000 years, how much will be left in a fossil after 4000 years? after 8000 years?
Does the half-life of a radioactive isotope change?
How can the age of a fossil be determined?
Which of these gases was thought by Oparin to be part of the early Earth’s atmosphere — carbon dioxide, ozone, oxygen , &/or ammonia?
Why did Miller & Urey not use oxygen in their experiment?
What organic compound did Miller & Urey make in their experiment?
Miller & Urey’s experiments were designed to show that life on Earth might have originated from what type of molecules?
Was RNA or DNA probably the first genetic molecule?
Can RNA undergo natural selection & cause evolution or change?
Do scientists think DNA or RNA was made first?
What layer protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays of light?
Give 3 examples of different types of fossils.
Describe several ways in which fossils can be formed.
On what islands did Darwin conduct much of his research?
Darwin’s finches that had various types of beaks probably shared what in common with each other?
The process by which a population becomes better suited to its environment is known as what?
According to Darwin, evolution is the result of _____________ ___________.
If organisms are well suited to their environment, what will be true of their ability to reproduce?
Limited resources and a growing population results in ___________ among organisms.
Give an example of homologous structures found in the wing of a bat & the forearm of a human.
The human tailbone is an example of a __________ structure.
The beak of a bird & the beak of a giant squid have the same function and would be examples of _____________ structures.
When two or more species change in response to each other, the process is known as _____________.