Fish Study Guide BI


Fish Study Guide


What structure in fish filters wastes from their blood?
Lobe finned fish were ancestors to what other amphibian group?
What special problem do marine fish have?
What shape mouth do agnathans have?
How do agnathans get their food?
Why do land animals need stronger bones and muscles than fish?
Name three ways sharks can detect their prey.
What does the word “Agnatha” mean?
Which group of fish has a swim bladder?
What structure in fish gives them buoyancy?
What does “Chondrichthyes” mean?
Describe the scales in bony fish.
What covers the gills of bony fish?
What type of fertilization occurs in sharks?
What class of fish has bony skeletons?
Name the 2 classes of bony fish.
Do sharks have a swim bladder? bony fish?
What makes up the skeleton of sharks? bony fish?
What chordate characteristics do lampreys and hagfish keep as adults?