Grasshopper Internal

Procedure (Internal Anatomy):

With scissors and beginning at the tip of the abdomen, make an incision (lengthwise) in the body covering slightly to the left of the mid-dorsal line and along the entire length of the grasshopper. Make a similar cut ventrally and also up the front of the head. Keep the inner scissors point just inside the body covering to avoid damaging the internal organs. If the specimen is a mature female, the interior spaces may be filled largely with slender eggs in the ovaries. Remove some of these is so directed by the instructor.

Locate the following organ systems:

1. Integument and exoskeleton
2. Muscular – In studying the other systems, note the many muscles, especially those connecting the wings and the legs.
3. Digestive system – remove some of the lateral muscles and trachea as necessary without injuring other organs. Identify the following structures in the digestive system.
a. *Esophagus
b. *Crop
c. *Gizzard
d. *Gastric caeca
e. *Stomach
f. *Intestine
g. *Rectum
h. *Anus
4. Circulatory system – heart
5. Respiratory system – tracheae
6. Excretory system – Malpighian tubules
7. Nervous system – brain, nerve cord
8. Reproductive system – testes, *ovaries, oviduct