How to Have a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

How to have a successful parent-teacher conference

  1. Both parents should attend.
  2. Be on time and remember to keep the conference approximately 5 minutes in length. If you need more time, schedule a follow-up conference during the teacher’s conference period.
  3. Begin the conference with a positive tone.
  4. If you have questions you wish to ask, write these down ahead of time and bring them to the conference so you won’t forget to ask them.
  5. Ask questions about the student’s grades, assignments, behavior, etc.
  6. Listen closely.
  7. Ask the teacher for things that the student should do at home.
  8. Be sure to let the teacher know if there is any condition they should be aware of that might affect learning.
  9. Be cooperative and show respect because both you and the teacher want what is best for your child.
  10. Close the conference on a positive note.

Good Questions to ask the Teacher:

  1. What are my child’s areas of strength and weakness?
  2. Is my child involved in any special projects?
  3. How are home works, labs, tests, and projects evaluated?
  4. Has my child completed and turned in all their homework on time?
  5. Is my child involved in class discussions and activities?
  6. How does my child work with other students in groups?
  7. Does my child utilize their extra class time to work on homework?
  8. Is my child always respectful to the teacher and to other students?  If not, ask for an explanation and set up an improvement plan with your teacher for your child to follow. Remember to re-contact the teacher to see if the plan is working or if it needs to be revised.
  9.  Ask what you can do at home to help your child improve.
  10. Never ask for bonus work, especially if a child is failing!  Children fail because they do not or can not do the work that is required of them.  They need help with their regular assignments and not more work put on top of that!!!

Dates  and Times for Parent-Teacher Conferences:

             Tuesday   October 25, 20053:00 to 7:00pm
             Thursday    March 16, 20053:00 to 7:00pm