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Insects on the Web


Your Team is responsible for comparing 5 insect species within an order of insects. You will present your findings on a web page that other students will view. There are hundreds of sites on the web that will help you in your quest. Try to be creative and engaging as you plan your presentation. Pictures and color are good! Imagine that your classmates will be reading and judging these pages.


  1. First, your Team must choose what order of insects will be studied. You may choose from the following groups. Each order may have hundreds or even thousands of individual species. Your final project should showcase 5 of these species.
Insect Orders

Lepidoptera (only moths)

Hymenoptera (ants only)

Lepidoptera (only butterflies)


Odonata (dragonflies only)

Odonata (damselflies only)



Hymenoptera (wasps only)

Hymenoptera (bees only)

Diptera (mosquitoes only)

Diptera (flies only)

Orthoptera (grasshoppers only) 


  1. Collect resources and information about your insect. You may want to divide responsibilities among the group members.

Questions to consider as you investigate.

  • How are these insects alike?
  • How are these insects different?
  • Where does the insect live?
  • What does it eat?
  • Is it a pest insect or is it an insect that is good for the environment?
  • How does the insect reproduce?
  • What does it look like? (snag pictures for use on your presentation-left click mouse and choose “save image”)
  1.  Compile the data to make a website. Your website should include:
  • A Title
  • At least one picture of each species
  • Include the common and scientific name of each species
  • Descriptions of each insect that answer your investigation questions
  • An explanation of why the five insects are grouped together (related)
  • Economic effect of these species (good &/or bad)
  • A list of web sites (links) where the reader can find more information about your insects
  • Credits: list of your team members and the areas they were responsible for.
  • Five questions that can be answered with the information found on your page. These questions will be answered by your classmates when they look at your page.
  1. Construct the website. Your website can be made using Project Poster at Here you can place your pictures and information for others to view it. Your teacher will give you more information on how to name your account and use Project Poster.

Daily Goals – use as a guideline to stay on track in your project

Day One
Day Two
Day 3
Day 4
Team assigned, they should get together and discuss which insect grouping they want to study. Each should go to the computers and find resources on that insect. Jot down notes about the groupings, and list species. This information can be used for the Overview section of the project.


Group discusses their findings from Day 1, responsibilities are assigned. Determine who will study which species. Use computers to study your species, gather data and collect images.Team reforms to share data and begin designing the layout of the page. Determine what information should be included, and how the pictures should be arranged. Begin creating web pageFinish web page creation, tie up any loose ends and consult the evaluation rubric to make sure you’ve included all the information you need to get an A.


Search engines


Useful Sites

Entomology for Beginners
City Bugs
Antboy’s BugWorld
Insect Science Education Outreach

Evaluation Rubric

Needs work (1 pt)
Satisfactory (2 pts)
(3 pts)
Total Possible
Page LayoutEither title or team names missing, responsibilities not presentTitle and team names included but are not obvious, responsibilities vagueTitle and Team names included, and easy to find, team responsibilities listed3
ImagesSome insect images presentMost insect images are presentAll insect images are present3
CreativityPage is hard to read and disorganizedPage has some organization and can be followedPage organized and easy to follow3
Insect descriptionsInsects are not well described, investigation lacking and most of the insects are not identified correctlyInsects are described, only a few of the investigation questions are answered. Some names includedEach insect has a thorough description, answers most of the investigation questions. Species name included3
Questions for ContentLess than 5 questions included, but are not related to the site and cannot be easily answered.5 questions are included, some cannot be easily answered from the page content5 related questions are included and can be answered from your page3
ReferencesLess than 3 links present, sources unreliableLess than 3 links present, but sources are reliable3 links present to other reliable sources3
OverviewSome relationships between the insects are given, unclear or not obviousProject describes how the insects are related and how they different, slightly unclearProject shows a good introduction that describes the group of insects and how they are related3
Total Possible for Project
24 pts