Knowing the Elements

Knowing the Elements

Choose one element from the periodic table. (You may not select an element that someone else has already selected, and the element must be found in living things!) Use library books or the website on the back of this sheet to find the information asked for below and to write a 1-2 page paper on that element. Your paper must include the following information to receive credit:

v Name of the element?

v Element’s symbol?

v Family the element is found in?

v Period the element is found in?

v Atomic number of the element?

v Atomic Mass of the element?

v Number of protons?

v Number of neutrons?

v Number of electrons?

v Number of electrons in the outermost energy level?

v Is the element a metal, nonmetal, transition element?

v Is the element inert (nonreactive) or reactive?

v What are the other chemical properties of this element (appearance, state of matter, etc.?

v What are some uses by living things for this element?

v Where is this element found inside of living things and in what amount is it present?


***Be sure to answer all questions about the element in your paper. Go to other websites if you need to find more information.

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