Lab Safety PPT Questions


Lab Safety
ppt Questions

General Safety Rules

1. What should you do before starting any lab?


2. How should you protect your eyes?

3. What is the first thing you should do if there is an accident in the lab?

4. After using any chemical always remember to do what?

5. Why should you keep your hands away from your face during lab?


6. What should be done with long hair or loose sleeves before starting lab?


7. Tell the location of:

    a. fire extinguisher?

    b. eyewash?

    c. emergency exits?

    d. first aid kit?

8. What should be at your lab station or table?

9. If you wear contacts, what safety precaution should you take during lab?

10. Should you ever put anything into your mouth during lab?

11. What should you always do at the end of a lab?

12. What is the penalty for horsing around or playing jokes during lab?


Glassware Safety

13. What should be done with chipped or cracked glassware?


14. What should be done with glassware that is broken during lab?


15. What glassware safety rule should be followed when pouring liquids into glass containers?


16. What can be done to prevent splattering when pouring liquids into glassware?

17. If glassware gets broken, what do you do first?

18. Explain how to insert glass tubing into a rubber stopper.


19. What should be done with hot glassware before cleaning it?

Chemical Safety

20. Describe the protective attire you should wear when pouring or heating hazardous chemicals.


21. When is the only time you should mix chemicals?

22. Should chemicals ever be tasted in the lab?

23. How should smell the odor of a chemical to help identify it?


24. What could happen if you inhaled dangerous fumes?


25. How should acid & water be mixed?

26. How do you dispose of chemicals?

27. After handling chemicals, what should you remember to do?

Electrical Safety

28. What should be done with electrical cords?


29. Check you hands and lab area for what before using anything electrical?

30. What is the only thing that should be placed in electrical outlets?

31.Explain how to unplug an electrical cord.


32. At the end of the lab, make sure all electrical equipment is turned ______.

Heating Safety

33. What safety steps should be followed when using burners & hotplates?


34. What should be used to remove heated objects?

35. If there is an open flame, what should you be careful that you do not do?

36. What is the only safe glassware to heat?

37. Explain what should be done when heating test tubes?



38. If there is moisture in the test tube, should it be heated?

39. Explain how to heat a glass beaker when a ring stand is used?


40. Explain how to light a burner.


41. How do you regulate the temperature & color of a flame?

42. What color flame would be hotter, a blue or yellow-orange flame?

43. Once a burner or hotplate is in use, what should you be sure to do?

First Aid

44. Explain the first aid procedure that should be followed for each of these types of injuries:

      a. burns?


      b. cuts or bruises?


      c. fainting?


      d. eye injury?


      e. poisoning?


      f. spills on the skin?


      g. electrical shock?

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