Massengale’s Classroom Rules


  1. Be in assigned seat ready to work BEFORE the tardy bell rings.
  2. Hang book bags/purses on the desk hook.
  3. If you have a problem, DO NOT ARGUE WITH THE TEACHER. INSTEAD, ASK to discuss ISSUES after class with the teacher in PRIVATE!
  4. Bring paper, pencil, notebook, and assignments every day.
  5. No form of disruptive behavior (noises, talking back, refusing to work, unnecessary visiting, etc.) will be tolerated.
  6. Please SAVE QUESTIONS until after roll is checked UNLESS you have an EMERGENCY.
    Work ONLY on BIOLOGY in class & don’t close up early.
  7. I will dismiss you (not the bell); leave chairs pushed up, books closed, & your area clean.
    N0 food or outside drinks may be brought into class.
  8. Always be on time!

Assignments – No credit will be given unless:

  1. Assignments must be COMPLETE and ON TIME to receive FULL credit.
  2. Assignments must be WRITTEN IN PENCIL or BLUE/BLACK INK to receive credit.
  3. NAME and PERIOD must be written in the upper right corner or 5 POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED.
  4. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR MAKE UP WORK so check each day, and turn in assignments, pick up work, & schedule missed tests when you return to school.
  5. All missed labs will be made up AFTER SCHOOL & tests made up BEFORE OR AFTER SCHOOL.
  6. Place assignments in the basket with the name side facing up! NEVER turn papers upside down!


  1. Clean & erase everything from your desk before testing.
  2. Don’t talk until every paper is turned in or you will receive a zero.
  3. Only two people at a time should be up turning in their tests.
  4. Place tests name side up in the test basket.
  5. Use ONLY PENCILS to take test or receive a zero.