Mitosis PPT Questions

Cell Cycle and Mitosis
ppt Questions

Cell Cycle

1.Prokaryotic organisms include ___________, while plants and animals are ____________.

2. Describe prokaryotes.


3. How do bacteria asexually reproduce?

4. Name the 3 main steps of binary fission in bacteria.




5. Name a bacterial cell that reproduces by binary fission.

6. Describe eukaryotes.


7. How do eukaryotes asexually reproduce cells?

8. The stages in the growth and reproduction of a cell are called the __________ ___________.

9. List the 5 stages in the cell cycle.


10. What does G1 stage stand for?

11. Name two things that happen to a cell during G1?


12. What is the S stage of the cell cycle?

13. _________ instructions are copied in the S phase as ___________ are duplicated.

14. _______ stands for second growth stage.

15. G2 is the time between ____________ and ___________.

16. Cells continue to _________ during G2 and to make __________ that will be needed for mitosis or cell division.

17. Mitosis or cell division is known as the ________ stage.

18. How does a cell use its energy during the M phase?

19. Does a cell continue growing & making proteins in the M phase?

20. Mitosis is also called _______________ which means division of the ____________.

21. ____________ is called the resting stage and makes up the longest part of a cell’s life cycle.

22. What happens to cells during interphase?


23. Are chromosomes visible during interphase?


24. Name the 4 stages of mitosis.


25. Name 2 things that happen to a cell during prophase.






26. Can chromosomes be seen during prophase?

27. Sketch a eukaryotic chromosome and label the centromere and kinetochore fiber that attaches to it.



28. How many pairs of chromosomes are found in humans?

29. List 3 things that occur during metaphase.




30. Where are chromosomes located during metaphase of a cell?

31. What stage occurs after metaphase?

32. List 2 things that happen to cells during anaphase.



33. Sketch and label the mitotic spindle and attached chromosomes.





34. What is the last stage of mitosis?

35. Where are the two sets of chromosomes located at Telophase?

36. What two things reform during Telophase?

37. Chromosomes ___________ during Telophase so they are no longer visible.

38. In plants, what begins to form that will separate the two cells?

39. How are the two cells separated from each other in animals?


40. _____________ or division of the cytoplasm follows ___________, division of the nucleus, and forms ____________ daughter cells.

41. How do the two, new daughter cells compare to each other?


42. Label the following stages of mitosis.


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