Monomer Construction


Constructing Monomers of Macromolecules


Use the organic model sets to construct each of the following monomers. Models will be 3-dimensional in shape.  Use the following color code for atoms — Carbon (black), Oxygen (red), Hydrogen (yellow), and Nitrogen (blue).  Springs will represent double bonds and wooden sticks represent single bonds.


Glycerol Glycine




Fatty Acid Cytosine
Glucose     C6H12O6



1. What is a disaccharide?

2. What reaction is necessary to form a polysaccharide? 

3. What elements make up lipids and carbohydrates? 

4. What 4 things are attached to the center carbon in an amino acid? 


5. What serves as the “backbone” for a fat or triglycerides? 

6. Name a fatty acid. 

7. How does an unsaturated fatty acid differ from a saturated fatty acid? 


8. Name the 4 bases on DNA.


9. What base appears on RNA , but not on DNA? 

10. Name the elements in: 

      a. amino acids? 

      b. nucleic acids?