Organism Classification Webquest


Living Thing #1

Color: Black
Location: in forest on a rotting tree
Eats decaying plant material
Has many cells
Releases spores to reproduce.
Stays in one spot (immobile)
Cells have no chlorophyll
Feels soft and smooth




Cells  have chlorophyll
Is autotrophic (produces its own food) and heterotrophic (eats insects) to supplement its diet
Has many cells
Lives in swampy areas
Immobile though catches prey as shown.
Reproduces by seeds


Living Thing #3

Adults live underground or under logs and rocks
They breed and lay eggs in the water
Young live in the water, have external gills, budding arms and legs and a fish like tail
Adults must keep skin moist
Ectothermic (an animal whose body temperature is determined by the temperature of its immediate environment.)
Do not have scales
Have Slimy skin

No external ears

Eats insects and small fish


Living Thing #4

Has webbed feet
Lays eggs
50 cm long and weighs 1.5 kilograms
Covered with 2 layers of waterproof hair
Eats insects, frogs and fish
Has no external ears
Lives in fresh water lakes
Endothermic an animal whose body temperature is determined by its own metabolic heat production)
Bill has two nostrils
Care for their young and have mammary glands
Sounds like a puppy barking



Living Thing #5


Click on picture to hear its call


Has rough, shaggy hair-like feathers

Tiny wings

Sharp claws

Endothermic (an animal whose body temperature is determined by its own metabolic heat production)

Lays eggs

Eats insects and worms

Has whiskers to find way in the dark



Living Organism #6


Click on picture to view video and see sight about these amazing creatures.

Breathe air

Has tough wrinkly skin

Bristled hairs cover entire body

Eats algae and crustaceans

Has teeth

Babies are born live and cared for by mother for up to 2 years

Have mammary glands

Live in warm coastal waters

Are Endothermic.