Potato Osmosis Writeup

Potato Osmosis Lab Write up


  • Explain the importance of water to the cell (60-90%, universal solvent, etc.)
  • Explain the parts of a solution (solute & solvent) and what is meant by the solution’s concentration
  • Discuss semipermeable cell membranes and osmosis
  • Explain what determines direction of movement of water into and out of the cell (solute concentration inside & outside the cell, water potential, down the concentration gradient, etc.)
  • Explain the effect of water loss and water gain on plant cells

(write objective from lab.)

The materials used include …

Day 1
Use a knife to … (No numbers; write in paragraph form)

Day 2
Carefully remove the … (No numbers; write in paragraph form)


Data Table

1. Did any of the …


  • Restate the hypothesis
  • Discuss the original mass and original appearance of the potato cores
  • Discuss the mass change (if any0 and flexibility of the cores after 24 hours in the solutions
  • Explain the change of mass in each core telling WHY THE MASS CHANGE OCCURRED (movement of the water & in which direction & why it moved that way)
  • Explain the change in flexibility of the cores (why were they stiffer or more flexible)
  • Make a final statement about concentration gradient & movement of water across cell membranes