Preap Articles


PreAP Biology Articles to Abstract

       An abstract is a summary or synopsis of an article in a journal or magazine.  The purpose of preparing an abstract is to acquaint you with scientific literature and to expose you to current topics in biology.

Special Instructions:

·         Articles to be abstracted must be at least two pages (text) in length.

·         Work cited must be included at the top of the abstract page.

·         Triple space between the citation & the start of your paper

·         Abstracts must be handwritten and at least two and a half pages in length.  (DO NOT WRITE ON THE BACK!)

  • Write your name and period at the top of the abstract.




MLA Style Periodical Citation:

Author. “Title of Article.” Title of Magazine Date: Page(s).


Milton, Katherine. “Diet and Primate Evolution.” Scientific American August 1993: 86-94.



Abstracts DUE 1st  Wednesday of each month August – May.
(Two abstracts due in January – first & 3rd Tuesday.)