PreAP Weekly Assignments


Updated May 2007

First Nine Weeks


Week of August 20 assignments:
Issue textbooks class rules, needed materials; Start answering chapter 1 worksheet; PowerPoint: Introduction to Biology; Set up notebooks

Week of August 27 assignments:
Explain website & work on & complete chapter 1 worksheet ; PowerPoint on scientific method; Scientific Method & Safety; Safety & equipment worksheet and TEST; Handout: Writing lab reports

Week of September 3 assignments: 
Lab: Heart Rate & the Scientific Method;  *Chapter 1 Test; Read & outline chapter 2 on Chemistry

Week of September 10 assignments:
PowerPoint: Chemistry; Symbols & Formula handout; chapter 2 outline due; Worksheet on atoms & molecules; *Symbol & Formula TEST

Week of September 17 assignments:     Interims   

Lab: Chromatography of Inks; Chapter 2 Chemistry TEST; Read & outline chapter 3 on Biochemistry; start PowerPoint: Biochemistry

Week of September 24 assignments:
Lab write up due!; Chapter 3 outline due; Assign nucleotide model; complete Biochemistry ppt

Parent-Teacher Conference – 3 to 7 pm!

Week of October 1 assignments:
Video: Organic Compounds; Lab: Building Organic Molecules; chapter 3 study guide; TEST on chapter 3 Biochemistry; Read & outline chapter 4 on Cells; Organic Model due!

Week of October 8 assignments:
Lab: Water Properties; Assign Chapter 4 Cell drawings; chapter 4 outline due; start PowerPoint on Cells


Week of October 15 assignments:
Continue ppt on Cells; Work on cell drawings

End of First Nine weeks

  Pre -AP Biology        Biology I

Second Nine Weeks

Week of October 22 assignments:     

Assign Cell Model; Cell drawings due; chapter 4 study guide; TEST on chapter 4 Cells; Lab: McMush; Read & outline chapter 5 on Homeostasis & Transport

Week of October 29 assignments:    

Cell models due; PowerPoint: Homeostasis & Transport; McMush lab write up due

Week of November 5 assignments:

Chapter 5 outline due; study guide for chapter 5 test; Lab: Egg Osmosis; TEST on chapter 5 Homeostasis & Transport; Read & outline chapter 6 on Photosynthesis


Week of November 12 assignments: Interims
PowerPoint: Photosynthesis; Video Photosynthesis; Chapter 6 outline due; Lab:  Chromatography of Plant Pigments; chapter 6 study guide

Week of November 24 – 28:    

Thanksgiving Vacation!

Week of November 26 assignments:
Chapter 6 TEST on Photosynthesis; Read & outline Chapter 7 on cellular respiration, Start Cellular Respiration PowerPoint: Chromatography lab write up due

Week of December 3 assignments:
Lab: Making Root beer; Complete chapter 7 cell respiration PowerPoint; study guide for chapter 7 test; *TEST on Chapter 7 Cellular Respiration; Read & answer chapter 9 worksheet

Week of December 10 assignments:
Cover cell cycle, chromosomes, mitosis & meiosis; chapter 9 worksheet due; TEST on Chapter 9 Cell Division; Review for Semester Test

Week of December 17 assignments:
Review for semester test!

Semester Tests Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!  

           End of First Semester

Pre -AP Biology        Biology I