Protist Study Guide B1

Protist Study Guide 

  1. What type of environment are slime molds found?
  2. Describe the body of a slime mold.
  3. What is so unusual about a euglena?
  4. Give main characteristics of Chlorophyta.
  5. How is quinine used?
  6. What plasmodium stage do mosquitoes inject into humans?
  7. Where are Autotrophic protists found?
  8. Where can algae be found?
  9. What are zoospores?
  10. Why are Bacillariophytes so important?
  11. List some specializations of algae.
  12. How do algae differ from other protists?
  13. Which type of algae is most like plants?
  14.  In what phylum are these algae placed?
  15. How do the sporophyte & gametophyte generations of protists differ?
  16. Name several characteristics used to identify algae.
  17. Name characteristics of all protozoa.
  18. Which type of protozoan serves as an energy source for other organisms in its environment?
  19. What insect spreads African sleeping sickness?
  20. What causes malaria?
  21. How do micronuclei & macronuclei differ genetically from each other?
  22. List human diseases caused by protists.
  23. What is conjugation?
  24. What protist uses pseudopodia & how are they used?
  25. What are cysts & why are they formed?
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