Chemistry Puzzle



2. solution with an excess of hydronium (H+) ions
4. universal solvent
8. substances in organism that control pH
9. reactions involving a net release of energy
12. made of 2 or more elements bonded together
14. chemically combining elements so their atoms become stable
17. found in the energy levels of an atom
19. positive particle in the nucleus
20. quantity of matter in an object
21. substance dissolved in a solution
22. smallest part of a compound
24. center of an atom
1. solution in which no more solute may be dissolved
2. refers to a basic solution
3. symbol for helium
5. neutral particle in the nucleus
6. solution in which water is the solvent
7. found on the left side of an equation
10. hydroxide ion
11. reaction involving a net absorption of energy
13. scale from 0-14 measuring H+ and OH- ion concentration
15. charged atom
16. reactions involving the transfer of electrons between atoms
18. pure substances that cannot be chemically broken down into simpler substances
22. anything that occupies space & has mass
23. stored in chemical bonds