Pz Genetics


Mendel’s Genetics


5. stronger of two alleles in a genotype
8. parental generation
9. plant Mendel used in his genetics studies
13. law that states that alleles separate whenever gametes are formed
14. one of two forms for a gene (B or b)
15. genotype in which both alleles are the same (BB or bb)
17. genetic makeup of an organism
19. cross involving a single trait
20. pollen is transferred to the stigma of the same flower or a flower on the same plant


1. transfer of pollen from anthers to the stigma of a flower
2. physical feature or appearance of an organism resulting from a genotype
3. genotype also called the hybrid (Bb)
4. dominance resulting in the blending of alleles (pink flower color)
6. cross between a hybrid and a homozygous genotype (BB x Bb)
7. father of modern genetics
10. law that states that alleles for different traits are distributed to gametes independently
11. the study of genetics
12. genetic characteristic
16. trait or allele that is masked by a dominant allele
18. square used to solve genetics problems
21. first filial generation