Puzzle – Moss Fern


Mosses & Ferns
Use the word bank to complete the following paragraphs on mosses and ferns.
Plants that lack tubes to carry food and water are called __________ plants. These plants are also known as __________. Most bryophytes are __________ and live in moist environments. __________ is required so that the sperm can swim to the __________ during fertilization. Bryophytes do not produce __________, but instead produce spores to reproduce. These plants exhibit _______________ in their life cycle. Because these plants lack vascular tissue, they are __________ in height.

__________ is one example of a bryophyte that grows like a lush, green carpet. The dominant stage in the moss life cycle is the __________. Root like __________ attach each gametophyte to the soil but do not absorb water. Both __________ and __________ gametophytes exist. The __________ generation is attached to the __________ of the gametophyte. Mosses are called __________ plants because they often are the first plants to re-enter a barren area. Mosses also help prevent __________. __________, or peat moss, is harvested and burned as __________ in some countries.

__________ and hornworts are nonvascular plants that also grow in moist, shady places. Liverworts have __________ structures along a stem and lay __________ to the ground. __________, like algae, have a single large _________ in each cell.

Ferns are simple, __________ plants that also lack seeds and reproduce by __________. __________ ferns are the largest ferns. Most ferns have an __________ stem called a __________. New leaves of ferns are tightly __________ and are called __________. Mature fern leaves are called _________. Spores are produced on the __________ of fern fronds.

Word Bank:

soil erosionseedssmall
alternation of generationsfuelpioneer