Puzzle – Protists



1. unicellular, aquatic algae
2. multicellular algae
6. golden algae
7. animal like protist
10. gel-like material from red algae
11. red algae
14. brown pigment
16. color of tides in the Gulf of Mexico due to population explosions of dinoflagellates
17. cell division resulting in identical cells
18. life cycle consisting of a haploid & diploid stage
19. autotrophic protists
20. body portion of an algae
22. protein layer surrounding the cell membrane in paramecia
23. aquatic algae with a two-part shell or valve
24. serious disease caused by plasmodium in the water
25. shell covering foraminiferans
26. colonial algae
27. groove on paramecium where the mouth is found
1. brown algae
3. red pigment
4. green algae
5. sexual reproduction in protists
8. protozoans, algae, and water molds
9. organelles in algae that make & store starch
10. example of a sarcodine
12. cytoplasm extensions used by some protists to move
13. protists
15. vacuole that helps protists remove excess water
21. tiny hairs that a paramecium uses for movement