Puzzle Solution – Fish


Fish Puzzle
Answer Key:

1)vertebraesmall bones making up the backbone
2)craniumbony protection covering the brain
3)agnathaclass containing hagfish & lampreys
4)chondrichthyesclass containing sharks & rays
5)osteichthyesclass of bony fish
6)archesbony supports for the gills
7)lateralline system that detects vibrations in the water
8)hagfishjawless marine fish that feed on dead fish
9)lampreyjawless and sometimes parasitic fish
10)externalfertilization in jawless fish
11)cartilageflexible protein material in the skeleton of sharks
12)placoidtoothlike scales on sharks
13)pectoralfins on sharks that appear like wings of an airplane
14)olfactoryresponsible for the shark’s acute sense of smell
15)rayflattened bat like fish with a skeleton of cartilage
16)slitsopenings into the gills on cartilagenous fish
17)claspersmodified pelvic fins of male sharks used to transfer sperm
18)perchexample of a ray finned fish
19)operculumbony covering over the gills of bony fish
20)caudaltail fin
21)liverorgan that secretes bile to digest fats
22)arteriescarry blood away from the heart
23)veinsreturn blood to the heart
24)atriumheart chamber that receives blood bck form the heart
25)ventriclepumping chamber of the heart
26)countercurrentmovement of blod across a fish’s gills for maximum absorption of oxygen
27)buoyancyproperty that the swim bladder gives to a fish
30)spawingreproductive behavior where fish build nests and lay their eggs