Pzsol Worms


Answer Key:

1)platyhelminthesphylum of flatworms
2)threenumber of body layers in worms
3)bilateralsymmetry f flatworms
4)dorsalupper body surface of worms
5)ventrallower body surface of worms
6)ectodermoutermost cell layer of worms
7)mesodermmiddle cell layer of worms
8)endoderminnermost cell layer of worms
9)acoelomatesolid body in flatworms
10)coelombody cavity
11)gastrovasculargut with a single opening in flatworms
12)absorptionhow flatworms exchanges gases with their environment
13)anteriorhead or front end of a flatworm
14)cephalizationanterior end with sensory structures concentrated there
15)parasiteworms that live on or inside the body of their host
16)turbellariaclass of flatworms containing the freshwater planarian
17)pharynxextendable feeding tube on the underside of planarians
18)mucussecreted by planarians to glide across
19)flameexcretory cells in worms that filter wastes
20)gangliaclusters of nerve cells in worms
21)hermaphroditesworms that make both eggs & sperm
22)trematodaclass of flatworms containing flukes
23)suckersfound on the ends of flukes to attach to hosts
24)tegumenttough outer covering on flukes
25)cestodaclass containing tapeworms
26)scolexanterior end of a tapeworm with hooks & suckers
27)proglottidsreproductive sections of a tapeworm’s body
28)nematodaphylum for roundworms
29)tapershape of both ends of a roundworms body
30)cuticleprotective noncellular layer of roundworms
31)ascarisroundworm found in pig & horse intestines
32)hookwormsintestinal parasitic roundworm with cutting plates in it’s mouth
33)trichinosisdisease that result from eating infected undercooked pork
34)pinwormsmost common parasitic roundworm of children in the U.S.
35)rotiferaphylum of worms with a crown of cilia surrounding the mouth
36)mastaxmuscular organ of rotifers to break down food
37)pseudocoelomatesrotifers & nematodes are examples