Reptile Study Guide BI

Reptile Study Guide

What lizard is named for the spiny crest on its back?
What is the function of pits on the  head of rattlesnakes?
What species of lizard is the only surviving member of its ancient group?
What is autotomy & what is its advantage?
Name the order for snakes.
Name several characteristics of all snakes.
Explain how retiles get air into their lungs.
Describe the skin of reptiles.
Give several ways that organisms reduce evaporation of water from their bodies.
What is the most widely accepted hypothesis for the extinction of dinosaurs?
Name some protective membranes found inside amniote eggs.
What retile adaptation allows them to live & reproduce on land?
What is the outermost membrane of the reptile egg?
Describe the heart chambers of all reptiles except alligators & crocodiles.
Name the 2 parts of a turtle’s shell and tell where each is located.
Are reptiles endotherms or ectotherms? Explain.
How do endotherms maintain their internal body temperature?
Describe the heart of endotherms.
Define oviparous.
Which group of reptiles care for their young after they hatch?
Which group of reptiles are the most ancient?
What characteristic found in other retiles is lacking in turtles & tortoises?
Describe the feeding habits of crocodiles.