Science Club Bylaws

Stuttgart High School
Science Club Bylaws


Article 1


Section 1: Membership shall be open to students at Stuttgart High School. Said students must be enrolled in a high school science course or have completed at least one science course in high school. Students must also pay yearly club membership fees. Membership is also open to all science faculty members at Stuttgart High School.


Section 2: Privileges of membership shall include participation in all Stuttgart High School Science Club meetings and events.


Section 3: Termination of membership may occur if a member moves from the district, fails to pay annual membership fees, or graduates from high school.


Article 2
Officers & Their Duties

Section 1: Science Club officers will consist of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and reporter.


Section 2: Selection of the club officers will be by a majority vote of the club’s membership. Officers must meet the following criteria:

Current membership dues paid

Submission of ideas for activities and projects for the current


Section 3: Duties of officers will be president and vice-president settingĀ  agendas and presiding over meetings, secretary recording minutes of all meetings, treasurer reporting on club finances, and reporter writing articles for the newspaper and taking pictures for the club’s website.


Article 3
Representatives & Their Duties

Section 1: Two representatives each from the Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman
classes will be elected by majority vote of the club membership.

Section 2: Representatives will meet with club officers to set the agenda for meetings and will
help supervise club activities.

Article 4
Order of Business

Section 1: The order of business at regular meetings of the Stuttgart High School Science Club shall be as follows:

Call meeting to order

Report of officers

Unfinished Business

New Business