Unsegmented Worms Study Guide B1

Unsegmented Worm Study Guide

  • Describe the digestive tract of planarians
  • How are tapeworms able to get their food
  • What is the life style of most flatworms
  • What are the characteristics of rotifers
  • What are the general characteristics of all flatworms
  • Why do flatworms not need circulatory & respiratory systems
  • What causes schistosomiasis
  • To what kingdom & phylum do flatworms belong
  • Describe a pseudocoelom & give examples of worms that have this characteristic
  • Explain the life cycle of Ascaris
  • How do rotifers eliminate wastes
  • What is regeneration & give an example of an unsegmented worm that uses this process
  • What is the cuticle and what is its function
  • What are proglottids & what is their function
  • If a worm has a one-way digestive system, what must be true about the organism
  • Why are rotifers called “wheel animals”