Vertebrate Worksheet


Vertebrate Worksheet


1. In what phylum & kingdom are the vertebrates found?

2. List the classes of vertebrates.


3. Discuss the characteristics of chordates & vertebrates.


4. What were the 1st vertebrates & describe them?


5. Sketch a lamprey & describe the characteristics of this fish. Where are they found?



6.  Describe a hagfish.


7. In what group are lampreys & hagfish found & why?


8. Do agnathans have paired fins?


9. What were the 1st jawed fish & describe them.


10. What are the 2 classes of jawed fish?

11. What is in the class Chondrichthyes & what traits do they have in common.


12. Sketch & describe sharks.



13. Sketch a ray or skate & describe them.



14. Name the class for bony fish.


15. Name the 2 groups of bony fish.


16. Give several examples of ray-finned fish & describe them.


17. Name 2 lobe-finned fish & describe both of them.


18. What was the 1st group of vertebrates to move onto land? What is in this group?


19. Describe characteristics of amphibians.


20. Amphibians are ectotherms. What does this mean?


21. How are amphibians still linked to water?


22. What is in the class Reptilia?


23. Reptiles do not need water for reproduction. Explain why this is true.


24. Describe the amniote egg of reptiles. Include a labeled sketch of the egg.



25. What reptile group is thought to be the ancestors of mammals?


26. What were pterosaurs?


27. What 3 groups of retiles are still alive today?


28. Describe characteristics of the reptiles.


29. How can snakes swallow such large prey?


30. What is the purpose of the Jacobson’s organ in snakes?


31. What takes the place of teeth in turtles?


32. Describe crocodiles & alligators & tell some of their habits.


33. What class contains birds?

34. From what did birds probably evolve?

35. What are the distinguishing features of birds?


36. Sketch & label the parts of a feature.


37. Birds are endotherms. What does this mean?


38. Name some flightless birds.


39. Name some swimming birds.


40. What are the 3 main characteristics of all mammals?


41. What in female mammals produces milk?

42. What is mammalian hair made of & give its 4 functions.


43. What bones are modified in mammals to help them hear sounds?

44. Name a flying mammal.

45. Give examples of mammals that are herbivores.

46. Give examples of mammals that are carnivores.

47. What mammal is a thinker & toolmaker?

48.Name 7 adaptations of mammals.


49.Give examples of monotremes & tell their characteristics. Tell where they are found.


50. Give examples of marsupials & tell their characteristics. Tell where most of them are found.


51. Most mammals are placentals. What does this mean?


52. What is gestation? Do all mammals have the same gestation period?


53. What is the purpose of the chorion?


54.Name the 12 orders of placental mammals & give an example of an animal in each order.